The geographical area and the chemicals used by the regions local water authorities, will have an influence on the colour of the water.

The interaction between an individual, the water and the electrode further influences the water's colour. It is not claimed that toxins are being eliminated; however an "x" amount of toxins may possibly be eliminated, which could contribute to the different colour changes.

Hypothesised Interpretation of Water Colours
Yellow-Green Kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate area
Orange Joints
Orange/Yellow Spleen
Brown Liver and cellular level debris
Black Liver
Dark Green Gall bladder
White foam Lymphatic system
White particles Yeast/fungus
Black particles Heavy metals
Red particles Blood materials

There is no scientific measure as yet, to prove which organ or part of the body is detoxifying. Thus no medical claims are being made. Toxins are eliminated from the system via urination, perspiration, mucus secretions and bowel movement.

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